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Carbon Neutral Ticketing Delivered

Ticketebo cares deeply about the Environment and Climate Change. 

Tree Canopy at Rimba Raya Bio Diversity Reserve


Our Business, and all the ticketing services we deliver to patrons and organisers, has been Carbon Neutral since 2020. Ticketebo is now Carbon Negative, and our business will achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2030 (if not sooner).

As an Event Organiser partnering with Ticketebo to deliver ticketing for your event, you can be assured that the provision of all our ticketing products & services (both to you as the Event Organizer, and for every ticket we sell to your Patrons) are fully Carbon Negative.


Ticketebo’s journey to Carbon Neutral, to Carbon Negative, and onward to Net-Zero:

Becoming Carbon Neutral: Surrounded by irrefutable evidence of the impact of humans on our environment, the decision for Ticketebo to become Carbon Neutral was an easy one, and unanimously supported by our team. And we didn’t just want our business to be Carbon Neutral: we wanted our business and all our services (including all the tickets we deliver to patrons each year) to be Carbon Neutral.

So we engaged leading Carbon Advisory Specialists Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd to independently audit, measure and verify our footprint, and work with us to map out our journey to becoming a Net-Zero carbon emitting business.

As a result, Ticketebo has an extensive program of change across all parts of our business, and supply chain, to reduce carbon emissions, and focus on delivering greener ticketing solutions for our customers and their patrons (such as delivering paperless tickets via SMS).

The decision to become Carbon Negative: Today we are a Carbon Negative business (meaning we offset more carbon than our business and products emit).

We made this decision as one of the striking impressions our event teams see on-site at events is how many patrons still print their tickets to show on arrival: and our Carbon audit showed that ticket printing is our worst source of Carbon generation across the entire business. So in addition to executing ongoing strategies to discourage the printing of tickets, Ticketebo purchases two tonnes of carbon credits for every one tonne of carbon emissions resulting from tickets sold each year. In doing so we became Carbon Negative. And though we don’t like that we have any carbon footprint, by adopting this approach we felt we could reduce our impact on the environment from our business of selling event tickets.

Net-Zero by 2030 Commitment: And we are not stopping at Carbon Negative: Ticketebo will have a Net-Zero carbon footprint by 2030 (or sooner) across our business, products and services (including all the tickets we sell to events). We acknowledge this final step won’t be easy, but as an industry leader and corporate citizen, it is our role and responsibility to deliver this outcome and to know that our business has no carbon footprint, and that furthermore we are an enabler of change to benefit the Environment.

Effecting Positive Climate Outcomes now: Our Trees For Change Program is our enabler program delivering positive Environmental change for both today and the future. Through this program, patrons are encouraged to go paperless when buying their event tickets (delivering an immediate enviro-benefit of no paper or print consumable waste). And as a thank you for making that choice, Ticketebo and our Event Organisers will plant up to 3 trees for every paperless ticket order. The Program will deliver environmental benefits by increasing the world's natural carbon stores (trees) for many years to come, through actions taken today. Find out more here.

Rimba Raya - the world's largest privately-funded orangutan sanctuary


Who we support through our Carbon Offset investment:

While we attain a Net-Zero Carbon footprint as a business, we accept we do sadly have a residual carbon footprint. To achieve Carbon Neutral (and Carbon Negative) standing, Ticketebo purchases Carbon Offset credits though VERRA Verified Carbon Standard approved projects.

We choose to offset these carbon emissions by investing in one of the world's leading biodiversity projects: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project in Indonesia. 

Rimba Raya, nearly the size of Singapore, protects one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.

About Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve:

Rimba Raya is located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, and is one of the largest REDD+ peat swamp forest projects in the world, avoiding nearly 130 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Rimba Raya, nearly the size of Singapore, is the largest project in the world to protect High Conservation Value (HCV) tropical lowland peat swamp forests, making enormous emissions reductions and protecting many species on the IUCN Red List. It is estimated to reduce over 3.5 million tonnes of emissions per year through preventing the clearing of the peatland.

Rimba Raya is also the world’s largest privately-funded orangutan sanctuary.


Rimba Raya's Carbon Credentials, Verification and Achievements:

Rimba Raya was the first validated REDD+ project ever under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and helped define the criteria by which all projects are measured.

Rimba Raya was also the first REDD+ forest-carbon project in the world to receive triple-gold validation under the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance Standard (CCBA).

In September 2020, Rimba Raya achieved another major milestone, becoming the first project to be certified by Verra’s Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta). This standard carefully scrutinises projects for their impacts toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project’s SDVista Validation Reports (which can be found here) achieve the highest possible rating by contributing to all 17 UN SDGs.

This project is verified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS). The project has also achieved certification by the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta). You can view it on the Verra Registry here.

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